About Us

Bangladesh Astronomical Observatory (BAO) is a project of young amateur astronomers and innovators of Bangladesh. The aim of this project is to establish an astronomical observatory that can provide the facility of working with observational astronomy among the educational community, students, teachers, research workers and the commoners of the country. An objective is to create a network of academic institutions to utilize it as an educational tool and support for astronomical research.

As a part of the activity BAO has built a robotic observatory named “Remotely Operated Online Astronomical Observatory” funded by Service Innovation fund (SIF), A2I, Prime Minister’s Office of Bangladesh. Through the project baseline survey we scooped out the need of an observatory for the educational community. Currently there are about 30 million students studying in different subjects throughout the country, who never had the opportunity to experience an observatory. The goal of this observatory is to spread out astronomical education through observational activity. The advantage of this instrument is, it can be operated remotely to observe celestial objects. It also has a live observation video feed which can engage a number of people during an event.

Bangladesh is now passing a transition period to enter into a middle income country. Therefore to face the challenges, skillful people who are equipped with modern knowledge and skills are needed. We believe that, the astronomical observatory will inspire young learners to learn science and spread the spirit of science throughout the country.

The BAO observatory will be a place for science lovers where they will enhance their knowledge and practice their learnings. BAO will create a nationwide platform for promoting astronomical education.

BAO Robotic Observatory Mechanical Diagram


BAO Robotic Observatory in Remote Operation


Future Plan

The future plan of BAO is establishing a research quality full scale astronomical facility. The proposed instruments includes-

  • 15ft Diameter Astro Haven Dome

  • 20’’ Ritchie Chrétien Telescope

  • Meter Class Equatorial Fork Mount

  • QSI  CCD

  • Auto Guider

  • Optical Filters

  • Focuser

  • Focal Reducer

  • eShel Spectroscope

  • LAB Facility

  • Library & Accommodation Facility